Watch your data!

We live in online age, when everything can be sorted online. Literally everything. Before coronavirus time, it was sure thing you can order food, transfer money, get on social networks and chit-chat with somebody online. But nowadays we are talking serious staff. You can get any kind of consultancy online. It can be legal consultancy, health care, social, care, anything you can think of.

You can contactless order your food home, your service in restaurant or you get take away of anything – electronics, drug goods, groceries, furniture. You can even get married online nowadays. I guess sex is the only thing for now, where you need contact with another person.


Let´s say anytime you are making any online deals you have to provide your personal data to have it done. Those data are somewhere in cyber space and anyone could have access to it. Anyone can track, where you live, what you do for living, or where did you just contactless rent a bike.

That is why GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy and guidelines is too important and strict. Any shop, e-shop, web or portal has to have GDPR guidelines on place. Not following the policy is strictly being evidenced and you might pay a high penalty.


If you are not convinced yet, if to try laser games in lazerfunpraha, because of GDPR, we can assure you, that the policy is visible and transparent on their websites. And you can enjoy all the games lazerfunpraha is offering you without any stress or fear. You have a stress-free option of Agents, Death Match, Zombies, Curse, Bases and more. All the games are categorized according to difficulty and level of player´s experience. You can also come with your own team of players within opening hourse or just give them a call and schedule your own time. GDPR Lazerfunpraha is totally on point, and you can be sure, none of your data you provide will slip away their watch.